Brass and copper cleaning has never been so easy.  The Victorian House Brass/Copper Restoroer Dissolves even the darkest tarnish from intricate brass and copper items without hard scrubbing and harsh chemicals.


You will need..#0000 Steel Wool for an applicator and The Brass and Copper Restorer and good clean water to rinse.

The Brass and Copper Restorer is a liquid (like water) that dissolves tarnish on contact.  ( if there is a sealer on the piece you will need to remove it but just a touch with the cleaner lets you know immediatly. No change with just one swipe tells you there is a coating between you and the tarnish) Apply the brass cleaner to the steel wool pad and dissolve the tarnish away right at the kitchen sink.  

Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.  If you need a bit more shine you may buff with the Silver Plus cloth or use a small piece of the #0000 steel wool.