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   6 bottles of The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator. FREE  SHIPPING ---$162.00.   

Save $25.00 on each order.


KITCHEN CABINET Cleaner, ANTIQUE Cleaner, FURNITURE Cleaner and Restorer..One Product does it all!

Front doors to wood floors and everything in between!

Its not rocket science- an oil base products penetrates the oil base finish and repairs scratches and white rings by replacing the oil and making the finish clean again.  LASTS FOR YEARS!!!

 Save $25.00 by ordering quantity with our Free Shipping and Handling!

A great way to stock up for your upcoming jobs or stock your mall space or sell at the flea market.

Makes great gifts too.                  SAVE MONEY AND ORDER TODAY. 

 1.shake-it-blue.jpeSHAKE IT UP.. 2.PUT IT ON .steel-wool-pad.jpe.. 3.WIPE IT OFF  wipe-with-a-er-towel.jpe  EASY!!

  The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator is Not a cover up this is a repair for your original finish.

(Bottles are not filled to the top for a reason--it must be mixed so shake well and often to keep it mixed.) 




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The Victorian House Kitchen Cabinet Clenaer --Just the right size.

thanks for adding this selection. I often order the product so I know it works very well but even the 2 bottle special wasn't always what I needed for my job. I flip houses and buy and sell antiques so I use quite a bit. Thanks again..the shipping included really helps a lot on my budget.

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner and so much more! Does The Job!!

Had ordered a single bottle and did spots all over the wood in an old apartment building in Okmulgee I am renovating. I have to say this is the only product I have ever ordered on line that did exactly what it says it will do. I ordered this Special and was very grateful for the Free Shipping. I found out that the product is sold here in town at the antique store so I have turned on several of my friends and family to the product. I will tell you this is a great product and its saved me a LOT of money and time. Thanks

Made our Big Job so Easy

Of course I bought a single bottle first but soon figured out that it was gonna work great on our renovation on an old apartment building in Okmulgee,Oklahoma. Love the fast shipping from a company right here in our home state. We have about 15 more apartments to do and the wood work is not painted--lucky us. We have found it easy to just do about a 5 foot section at a time and wipe as we go. The doors are all solid oak and the trim is mostly a pine with all original finishes. Excellent product. We got free Shipping which was a plus.