The Inventor of The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator    Let me introduce the INVENTOR, if you will.of The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator and tell you the story of the journey to becoming a must have product for all the wood in your home. Ron is not a chemist he said this product was invented with common sense.  Something we need way more of for sure.

The Victorian House has been in business in Skiatook, Oklahoma since 1981 and we did start out with multiple products for everything from Stripper to just plain lemon oil.  Ron says focus on the product that everyone needs and is like no other on the market. The Finish Rejuvenator was BORN.

Over time we learned that we didn't want to strip the original finish on many of the pieces we were selling or just put oil on top of the dirt.  After many attempts Ron finally hit the nail on the head with The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator. Ron wanted a Product that not only would clean the existing finish without removing it but would also replace the oil the finish had lost to bring back the original clear finish and eliminate surface scratches and white faded areas from water heat and sun.  All this without leaving residue that would be sticky or oil and eventually leave the finish dull. Most products on the market today whether its Lemons or oranges or products with color or varnish will leave residue that makes an even bigger mess. The Rejuvenator was invented to get back to the Original Clean Finish and Stay in the Finish! Its MAGIC!

In the early years it was great fun to take furniture to the flea markets all over Oklahoma and Texas (Canton was a favorite and we made some great friends there) and local shows in the Tulsa area. The Tulsa Flea Market on the fairgrounds (booth 13) was our home nearly every weekend.  Our children played under the table while we worked.  Soon after The Finish Rejuvenator was introduced it became a hit with the local dealers.  I mean really if you don't have to use Old English on everything it is a miracle and if the furniture didn't sell that day you didn't have to worry about the finish fading out or rubbing off.  Soon the dealers were begging Ron for the rejuvenator so he slapped a paper label on it to test out our product on our friends and neighbors.  It was a hit.  The scratches were gone for good and you didn't get the black mess all over your clothes like old english.  A Nice professiona screen printed label was next and our target area was Tulsa, Oklahoma, just 15 miles down the road from our location in Skiatook.

Our first stores were small locally owned places--all but gone now that the big box stores have taken over, but we have a couple still in Tulsa that have been with us for the entire 30 plus years, Best Hardware on South Peoria and Garbes of Tulsa at 72nd East Ave.  The Kiowa County Museum has used our Rejuvenator as long as we have made it.  Best Hardware in Tulsa and Garbes of Tulsa are still loyal customers.  As we have evolved- well 30 years worth we have had many, many changes.  BUT one thing has Never changed- the Finish Rejuvenator is and always will be manufactured with only the finest quality oils and cleaners.  

Today The Finish Rejuvenator is sold online and we have more more customer who use it for Kitchen Cabinets and furniture than it is in the Antique business.  Don't get me wrong I will always use it for my antiques its the best but Every home has kitchen cabinets and if you use your kitchen it will need to be cleaned with a product that REALLY WORKS.  

The Miller family is very proud of The Victorian House Products. Ron has been called a "Saint" by the thousands of customers he has helped with this remarkable product but I promise I'll never tell him-- LOL - he is the most humble man I know.  Did I mention I"m married to Him.  Doris