The Victorian House products are  no fly and have special packaging requirements.

 The Victorian House Products are Satisfaction Guaranteed.  

If there is a question  All returns will be considered individually 


There will be no returns after 30 days of delivery.  If there is an error on our part we will make it right.  The Rejuvenator will clean and bring back the finish on the wood.  It will not change the color or make it more or less shiny than it was originaly. There is nothing in the Rejuvenator formula that will EVER dissolve the finish even decals or painted flowers on antiques.  Safe for all finishes.  

The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator  is a common sense product that does what its supposed to do..clean and return your wood to its original color and shine.  In order to do that we do not use wax, color, silicone or perfume.  Surface scratches and white faded areas will dissappear and will not return. The oil penetrates into the  finish and will last for years and leaves No residue.  The cleaners will Dissolve grease, grime and dirt so it can be wiped away. It works just that easily.  No Water to make grease gummy.

The Bottles of Rejuvenator are Never full to the top, this is to allow plenty of room for the contents to be shaken so the cleaners and oils are mixed.  The product has no additives to keep it mixed because it was invented years ago for antiques and any additive can alter the finish. The cleaner smell will dissapate in a few days the same as any wood product such as varnish, lacquer, paint etc.

The Rejuvenator is Not a water base or green product.  It was invented to bring back the finish on antiques and wood that has a finish that looks less than perfect and will always do what we tell you on every finish.  The Rejuvenator can Not be made non-toxic.

The Brass and Copper Restorer is Non- Toxic and safe to use at the Kitchen sink.


 The Victorian House has been in business since 1981 and we have a very good reputation.  PRODUCTS THAT REALLY WORK!


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