Every Seller wants to sell their home Fast and for Top Dollar.

The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator has been helping sell homes for over 30 years!  Every seller wants her home to sell fast and bring top dollar. Does that sound good to you? Well, it's not luck that makes that happen. It's careful planning and knowing how to professionally spruce up your home that will send qualified buyers scurrying for their checkbooks. Here are a few tips to prep a house and turn it into an irresistible and marketable home.

Disassociate yourself from the house.  Its no longer a home its a commodity for sale.

De-Personalize- and De-Clutter

Remove anything that can't stay with the house- if you have a family chandelier, window covers for instance, remove it before the showing.

Make Minor Repairs-

  • Replace cracked floor or counter tiles.
  • Patch holes in walls.
  • Fix leaky faucets.
  • Fix doors that don't close properly and kitchen drawers that jam.
  • Consider painting your walls neutral colors, especially if you have grown accustomed to purple or pink walls.
    (Don't give buyers any reason to remember your home as "the house with the orange bathroom.")
  • Replace burned-out light bulbs.
  • If you've considered replacing a worn bedspread, do so now!

Make the House Sparkle!

  • Wash windows inside and out.
  • Rent a pressure washer and spray down sidewalks and exterior.
  • Clean out cobwebs.
  • Re-caulk tubs, showers and sinks.
  • Polish chrome faucets and mirrors.
  • Clean out the refrigerator.
  • Vacuum daily.
  • Wax floors.
  • Dust furniture, ceiling fan blades and light fixtures.
  • Bleach dingy grout.
  • Replace worn rugs.
  • Hang up fresh towels.

The Wood in your home is your major investment.  Kitchen and bathroom Cabinets, window sills, wood floors, baseboards and even the front door that's faded out need attention.  Your Wood can look new again. Kitchen Cabinets sell homes.

The Victorian House Wood Finish Rejuvenator will make you money and save you valuable time. One product cleans even sticky buildup and brings back the original color and shine and lasts for years.  Most products that we have been offered for our wood do very little clean and bring back the shine.  Oranges and Lemons- even wax lay on the surface and cause even more buildup.  Using the right product- The Finish Rejuvenator- will clean and eliminate all the scratches and white faded areas without hard scrubbing.  Another benefit is the fact that the results lasts- if the property doesn't sell in 6 months you will not have to do it all over again.  One easy application on the wood in your home will help the Realtor sell you house faster and for top money.