Wood Finish Rejuvenator 1 Bottle. Kitchen Cabinets and Antique Cleaner and Restorer. Removes grease buildup, restores the finish, Results last for years. Quantity specials.

The Victorian House

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The Victorian House Wood Finish Rejuventor- A Unique Formula of OILS and Cleaners. 

No product on the market to compare.  No Color, No wax, No oily fingerprints.

Cleans and Restores in one easy application. 

1.Instantly Dissolves grease and buildup (the professional term is GUNK) on any wood so you can Wipe it away. 

2. Eliminates surface scratches and white rings even from steam damage. 

3. Restores the color and shine by putting the oil INTO the dry lifeless finish.  

The Results Last for Years.  2 bottles will clean an average kitchen. 

 Not a dusting oil or cover up. No water that only makes grease more gummy. 

Safe for all Clear finishes, varnish, shellac, lacquer, Tung oil and even Formica and fiberglass. 

Keeps the Finish Original--No Color, wax or varnish.  NO greasy residue or fingerprints.  


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2 BOTTLES WILL CLEAN AN AVERAGE KITCHEN  TO click-here.jpgSee the SPECIAL OFFERS" with 2/3/6 bottles 

Invented for antiques over 40 years ago and used for all the wood in your home.  Front doors to wood floors and everything between. 

Made in Oklahoma since 1981.  

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  • 5
    Works easily

    Posted by Tina on 30th Sep 2019

    I just followed the simple directions, adding coverage of my counters/floors as I went (not knowing if I should). By cupboards are like new. I tried other products that would not work. Thanks! The VIctorian House --we Thank you so much for your great review. Tell your friends about us too!

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    This product saves a lot of time and money!

    Posted by Cheryl Russo on 24th Sep 2019

    We fix up houses and rent them out. This time the kitchen cabinets are 30 years old, never been cleaned. The doors are so caked in grease that I ended up taking the finish off when I tried to clean them. I ordered Victorian House Rejuvenator and it removed the grease without damaging the finish. I was skeptical but it really does work. Will try it on the floors next... The Victorian House--Thank you Cheryl and did you know you can text and send pictures to 918-396-4636. I always appreciate your comments.

  • 5
    Victorian House Rejuvenator-Wood Cleaner and Restorer

    Posted by Posted by Patricia Ford on 27th Aug 2019 on 27th Aug 2019

    They don’t call this a rejuvenator for nothing. I had tried several other methods to clean my kitchen cabinets and was about to give up and see what professional finishers could do to all those 38 doors and 16 drawers. But then I found this on the internet and decided to give it a try. Eureka! The stuff really works. I’m delighted. I now have lots of happier cabinets than I had two weeks ago! I feel like I’m the one that got rejuvenated

  • 5
    V.H. Wood Rejuvenator

    Posted by Heather on 14th Aug 2019

    Cleaned all of my old wood furniture with it - WOW!! What an improvement! ALWAYS GREAT TO HEAR FROM OUR CUSTOMERS. Thanks Heather.

  • 5
    Finish Rejuvenator

    Posted by Paul from Philly on 12th Aug 2019

    "YOUR PRODUCT IS EXCELLENT..using it on 31 year old cabinets". I love our customers. Thank you so much. Doris

  • 4
    Works Great

    Posted by Donna R on 28th Jul 2019

    Not a problem does what it says

  • 4

    Posted by Dionne on 18th Jun 2019

    Cleans off grime and dirt from cabinets. Didn't cover up stratches as much as I was hoping. Deep scratches may need a little color. I use the markers made for different color wood in those cases. The VICHOUSE

  • 5
    The Victorian House Rejuvenator

    Posted by Debbie Martin on 5th Jun 2019

    This product worked great on the piece I used it on. Have some more pieces I want to do. easy to use. I am sure I will be ordering more.

  • 5
    Wood Rejuvenator

    Posted by Rebecca on 22nd May 2019

    Does what it says. I have used it on cabinets that had white marks due to steam from a coffeemaker, on vintage bentwood swivel rockers, and on the wood cabinet of an antique Crossley radio. The difference is amazing! I can't recommend this product enough! We appreciate your review. Thank You so much. The Victorian House.

  • 4
    furniture restorer

    Posted by Lela Colligan on 14th May 2019

    I used it many years ago and worked great. I bought it this time to use on my dining table that seems to have polish on it even though I never use that. It helped a little. But I was hoping for more. When I used it to touch up cabinets and baseboards it's like a miracle. Great product used years ago. Minimal success on my table

  • 4
    Wood rejuvenator

    Posted by Barbara A. Oda on 28th Dec 2018

    It does a good job. It is a lot of work. I have a very old dining room set. It is going to take me a long time to rejuvenate

  • 5
    The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator

    Posted by Susan on 27th Dec 2018

    Rosie Peterson This product is amazing! Our 17yr old oak cabinets had developed a greasy buildup that no washing or scrubbing could fix. We found this product by accident and decided to try it with the steel wool application recommended. OMGosh, they look brand new, as if they’d been refinished. Clean, even color with no dull spots! We did this last year and they still look gorgeous. This product delivers!!