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 The Victorian House Products  featuring   THE VICTORIAN HOUSE FINISH REJUVENATOR

IMAGINE- One Product to Clean and Restore all the wood in your home in ONE Easy to use Application THAT LASTS FOR YEARS BECAUSE THE OIL GOES INTO THE FINISH.  . NO WAX    .NO ADDED COLOR   .NO OILY RESIDUE. There is no product to compare on the market today! Keeps the Original shine and color.  The Rejuvenator is NOT A DUSTING OIL..ITS A REPAIR IN A BOTTLE.

KITCHEN CABINETS CAN LOOK NEW AGAIN!  The Finish Rejuvenator- the Best Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner Ever Invented! 


Have you started to notice that Sticky Grease and Build-up (Gunk!) on your kitchen cabinets? Are your antiques, furniture or family heirlooms looking less than perfect? YOU are not alone---Use What the Professionals Use. 

No need to strip and sand. Don't Refinish, Don't Replace or even Reface your cabinets. Just One easy application of the Finish Rejuvenator will Clean and restore ALL your wood. 

From front doors to wood floors, antiques to baseboards. Great for the RV too. A unique formula invented for all wood-any color.  NO WAX, NO COLOR, NO OIL TO BUILDUP and NEVER SOFTENS ANY FINISH.  

Its been called A "Miracle" and Magic in the blue bottle.  Manufactured in Skiatook, Oklahoma, USA, since 1981


 wood-floor-with-bottle.jpg       tray-with-painted-flowers-kitchen-cabinet-cleaner-half.jpg     before-and-after-drawers.jpg      

  chair-back-before-kitchen-cabinet-cleaner.jpg     desk-kitchen-cabinet-cleaner.jpg     before-and-after-cabinets-wichita-falls.jpg

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SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER / FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER.  Because So many have been effected by Natural Disasters here in the U.S. lately we wanted to do what we could to help.  Shipping for ALL our customers is on us until further notice. If you or someone you know has been effected we hope this helps in some small way to get your life back together. 

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Don't be fooled by inferior products.  Made in Oklahoma, USA since 1981.

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