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4.How To Eliminate white water rings and heat, steam or sun damage. The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator/kitchen cabinet cleaner


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How to eliminate white rings, faded areas from sun or steam from the coffee pot.

The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator was invented for penetrating into the damaged finish to make it clear again like it was when it was applied.  If water has penetrated or the finish is damaged it needs the same kind of oil that it was made of...not lemon or oranges....Oil.

Its an easy process.. Shake it up to mix the cleaners and oils..saturate about 1/3 pad of the #0000 steel wool  with the Rejuvenator (thats the applicator-not a scrubber) and apply to the damaged finish, wet and even, like a new coat of paint for instance.  The oil will penetrate and the white area will fade away- wipe before it dries with a good absorbant paper towel.  Paper towels like bounty or viva work best and will not leave residue like a rag can.  Cheap towels smear it around and don't get all the excess and will leave the finish dull.  Follow the directions and your wood will look good as new and it stays.  The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator is in the finish not on the surface--no wax and No color.



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