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6.Questions about Us and The FInish Rejuvenator/ kitchen cabinet cleaner


The Finish Rejuvenator is an Oil Based product and can only be shipped  Regular Ground with our No Fly Consumer Commodity labels. 


Question--How far will the Bottle of Rejuvenator go?  

Answer--  One bottle will do several pieces of furniture but there is no way to tell you a square foot.  An aver is about 8x8 but it depends on the dryness of the finish and of course how much buildup is on your item.

Question--How many bottles will it take for an average kitchen.                  

Answer-- According to our customers 2 bottles for the average kitchen and 3 for the larger kitchen or kitchen and bathroom.  We offer several specials with quantities.  The oil penetrates into the finish, the cleaners dissolve the GUNK and you will wipe it away using paper towels.  Paper towels work better than a rag, because the rag gets oily and can leave residue.  You are finished when you have a clean paper towel and can run your hand across the finish with No fingerprints or residue.

Question-- Why does the Rejuvenator smell so bad? Why can't it be made non-toxic?  Will it harm my finish or my health?

Answer-- There is no possible way we could mask the odor of an petroleum oil base product that would make it more pleasant without adding things that would cause buildup and just make the product Not penetrate into the finish that is also made of-- GUESS WHAT--Petroleum base oil.  The Finish Rejuventor is Not a dusting oil or air freshener but it IS a Repair for the finish. One application and its done.  Far less smell or harsh chemicals than stripper or even the varnish or lacquer thats on the wood you are working to save. The oils and cleaners are not harmful to your skin but if you have allergies to petroleum base products use gloves or just have someone do the application for you. 

Question--Can the white faded areas from steam from my coffee pot under the counter be repaired with the Finish Rejuvenator?
Answer-- The Rejuvenator was invented for antiques to do just that very thing.  Because the oil penetrates into the finish the white area will disappear and will not return. The Oil is the same kind of oil used in the finish to begin with---not lemons or oranges. The original color is under the white area and will return to the original color and shine.

Question--Can you use the Rejuvenator on wood floors.
Answer--Yes, because the oil penetrates the finish and leaves no oily residue you can safely use it on wood or parquet floors.  If its wood that looks less than perfect, use the Rejuvenator.

Question--Why do I have to use the #0000 steel wool?
Answer--The steel wool allows the oil to penetrate into the finish.  A rag will hold the oil and will not let the cleaners and oils do the job they have to do to clean and feed oil back into the finish so it lasts.

Question--Can I use rags instead of paper towels to remove the residue.  
Answer--A good absorbant paper towel, like bounty or viva, work best.  A rag gets oily and you can leave residue on the finish that will dry dull.  You would then have to reapply.

Question--Can I apply more than one application?
Answer-- If you apply the Rejuvenator wet and even using the #0000 steel wool ,just like you are putting on a new coat of paint, the finish will absorb the oil it needs and the cleaner will dissolve the grease and buildup with one application.  The Rejuvenator has nothing in the formula that will dissolve any finish, except wax, so it is safe to apply a second time if the finish is still cloudy or sticky.  Never scrub.  Apply wet and even and wipe off the rest until you have no fingerprints.

Question--My son sprayed Lysol spray on my wood trim and it has white spots, will the Rejuvenator fix this.
Answer-- YES, just apply the Rejuvenator wet and even and wipe it off.  The spots will dissappear and they won't come back. When the finish is white that means the problem is IN the finish and the Rejuvenator can penetrate and make it clear again.  If the finish is black or you can feel it raised up you may have to refinish.  Always try the Rejuvenator first just in case it works and you won't have to strip and sand.

Question--My white area was caused by steam from the coffee pot under the counter.
Answer--Same thing as a white water ring or the pizza box on the dining table.  Oil is the life of any finish and when the oil is gone moisture penetrates and leaves the finish white or cloudy.  Replace the oil and the finish is clear again.  Lemons and oranges, or alcohol based products will not penetrate an oil base finish--the Rejuvenator Will.

Question--My cabinets are painted or pickled.  Can I use the rejuvenator?
Answer--Sure they still have to be cleaned.  If the paint is thin around the edges you may have to touch up with paint.  Always use the Rejuvenator first and then if you need to add stain or touch up the finish you can.

Question--If some of the color is gone around the handles will the Rejuvenator fix this or do I have to Refinish?
Answer--Use the Rejuvenator then if you need to add color use an oil base stain and touch up the varnish to seal.  I have used the Tung Oil over stain and got good results.  The Tung Oil can be applied until the correct shine is achieved. 

-Question-My cabinets have no finish left and they still don't have a shine after the Rejuvenator, can I apply a new finish now.
Answer-- Because the Rejuvenator was invented for antiques it has no wax, color or silicone.  You can put a new finish over it to achieve the shine you want.  Make sure the oil is completly wiped off before you start the new finish.

Question-- I used the Rejuvenator on my table and it is dull--what now.
Answer--  If your finish is dull it can be several things- If you don't shake it up and blend the cleaners and oils it will not work properly, If you applied it wet and even with the 0000 steel wool and did NOT wipe it off with a good absorbant paper towel till the towel was clean and there were no fingerprints it will be dull.  Using cheap towels will leave residue.  Use bounty or viva.  Do not use rags they will leave residue and dry dull.

Question-- If the white faded are does not dissappear the first time can I do it again?
Answer-- Yes but wait a day or two to make sure the oil has had a chance to absorb.  Make sure you are using the #0000 steel wool as an applicator and you are shaking the bottle and applying it wet and even like a new coat of paint.  THERE ARE SOME WHTE AREAS THAT WON'T DISSAPPEAR NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES.  Its rare but there have been a few times that whatever is in the finish has damaged the finish and will not accept the oil.  If the oil can't penetrate it will never clear out the faded area.  If you have had another clearcoat applied after the white area appeared for instance.


Answer  That's intentional-- It has to be shaken to blend the cleaners and oils or it Will Not Work.  There is plenty in the bottle to do lots of furniture. 

Question- Whats in the Rejuvenator?

Answer As we mentioned several times the Rejuvenator is a common sense product.  When the oil dries out of any finish it leaves it open for water and scratches.  The Rejuvenator is a blend of the oils found in common finishes that are on wood both from the past and the new finishes such as poly finishes.  Any oil base finish needs this kind of oil..not lemons or oranges or milk or soap. The solvent cleaners Will dissolve grease and dirt but NEVER WILL DISSOLVE ANY FINISH.  Use for all the wood in you home, office , or rv.



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