Wood Finish Rejuvenator. 1 Bottle and 12 pk. Steel Wool . Kitchen Cabinets, Antiques, furniture. Results Last for Years. A Repair in a bottle

The Victorian House

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 1-rejuvenator.jpgproduct-steel-wool..jpgThe Victorian House Wood Finish Rejuventor- Clean your wood with this Unique Formula of OILS and Cleaners. Not a dusting oil-- A Repair in a bottle.

Results last for years doesn't dry out or collect dust like a dusting oil.

No product on the market to compare.  No Water to make grease gummy like most products you've tried.  No added Color, No wax, No oily fingerprints. Cleans and Restores in one easy application. Never removes the original Finish or color.

1.Instantly Dissolves grease and buildup (the professional term is GUNK) on any wood so you can Wipe it away.

2. Eliminates surface scratches and white rings even from steam damage. 

3. Restores the color and shine by putting the oil INTO the dry lifeless finish.  The Results Last for Years.  

Safe for all Clear finishes, varnish, shellac, lacquer, Tung oil and even Formica and fiberglass. Keeps the Finish Original--No Color, wax or varnish.  NO greasy residue or fingerprints.  

Buy Now!     TO See the SPECIAL OFFERS" with 2/3/6 bottles     click-here.jpg2 BOTTLES WILL CLEAN AN AVERAGE KITCHEN

Invented for antiques over 40 years ago and used for all the wood in your home.  Front doors to wood floors and everything between. Made in Oklahoma since 1981.