1-rejuvenator-and-steel-wool.jpg    1 Single BOTTLE--ENOUGH TO CLEAN LOTS OF FURNITURE AND ANTIQUES  $26.95. 


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Wood cleaner, furniture cleaner, antique cleaner AND Wood Restorer all in one.


Made for antiques used for all the wood in your home.  

Front doors to wood floors and everything between.

No color or wax to leave residue and fingerprints.  

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 Will not harm any finish. It doesn't even have to be real wood.
You're working on the finish (varnish, shellac, lacquer, polyurethane, even painted surfaces).
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Finish Rejuvenator

I'm a professional painter and I've used this product for years. My clients can't believe how great their cabinets look after using the Rejuvenator. They believe I'm a miracle worker and are ecstatic over the final results. From DJ- The Victorian House Products Thank You so much for the review..

Finish Rejuvenator

Rosie Peterson We tried it on our cabinets and they look beautiful again! I’d washed them but they looked worse afterwards. Then I tried Victorian House and applied it with steel wool as suggested. All the discoloration evened out and they look almost new!! LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 3 · November 4 at 3:28pm

Finish rejuvenator

Brilliant! Excellent product, cleaned all the gunk of my kitchen cabinets. Worth all the elbow grease required Thank you so much for your review..it means a lot to me and my company. Doris

Kitchen cabinet cleaner and restorer

Product worked well and at the end of the day my arm was tired. but the results were good. The overall cost was way too much when you add the shipping and handeling. I liked the product but $42.00 was too much Thanks for the review. I agree the shipping is high but the product alone is only 24.95 and that one bottle does so much area that it is well worth the price. You can be assured we don't make anything off your shipping. You will love the fact that you won't have to do the project over and over again as with a dusting oil. Doris Miller

The Finish Rejuvenator. I used for Antique Cleaner and scratch cover.

I used this stuff on my antique game table and the scratches and white rings went away. I was expecting the usual return after a while but its been several months and everything I used it on looks great. Im ordering more to make sure I never run out. I have animals and they scratch the wood floor and the front door and so I keep it handy for that too. Thanks for a product that really works.

Kitchen Cabinets Look Better than NEW Thanks Victorian House Products

I love the fact that this product does what it says. It cleaned the gummy stuff and the scratches and white faded water areas are gone. Even where the dogs water bowl sat at the bottom of the cabinet is all clean and clear again. I will be ordering the specials and telling my friends for sure.

Unbelievable product!

I purchased an antique hutch that was very dirty and dry looking but in awesome shape as it was. My plan was to sand and stain or even paint. Luckily I came across this product at a home and garden show. I did not purchase the product to my regret due to my skeptical nature! I decided to give it a try so made the purchase online. Wow! My hutch is beautiful now and I have no need to sand and stain. I cannot say enough about the transformation I witnessed. You will be pleased I promise! The shipping is outrageous but the product is worth every penny. I agree with you about the shipping but we Never overcharge you it barely covers the charge from the USPS and not even the material and labor. Because its an oil base product and has to go regular ground NO FLY. The Post Office works with us here in our small town and we have lost very little from damages so we will stick with them. Thanks Doris --The Victorian House Products.

Great product

This is a miracle product. Removes water marks, scratches, etc with little effort. The shipping was done very carefully, although plastic air pillows instead of wadded up newspaper would have greatly reduced the cost of postage. Also, the correct zip codeon the package as listed on the order form would have sped delivery.