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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner and Wood Restorer ever invented.  

Unique Formula of OILS and Cleaners.


Dissolves grease and buildup so you can wipe it away.  Never dissolves any finish.

Remove scratches and white rings.  Results Last for Years. Not a dusting Oil

The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator On Line. 16 oz. $26.95  Look for Free shipping.

2 BOTTLES WILL CLEAN AN AVERAGE KITCHEN  Use what the professionals use.

Look for Larger quantity "SPECIAL OFFERS" with 2/3/6 bottles and Free Shipping.

 Orders Over $65.00 Free Shipping.  DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY IN OKLAHOMA .

CONSTANT CONTACT- 918-396-4636 TEXT OR PHONE.  We took out the middle man. 

Not another water base product that makes grease gummy.

Invented for antiques over 35 years ago and used for all the wood in your home.  

Front doors to wood floors and everything between.

No color or wax to leave residue and fingerprints.  


 Will not harm any finish. Any wood, any finish.
 (varnish, shellac, lacquer, polyurethane, even OIL Base painted surfaces , Formica and fiberglass). Don't use for water base paint.
Made in Oklahoma since 1981.  
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Wood rejuvenator

Barbara A. Oda on 28th Dec 2018

It does a good job. It is a lot of work. I have a very old dining room set. It is going to take me a long time to rejuvenate

The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator

Susan on 27th Dec 2018

Rosie Peterson This product is amazing! Our 17yr old oak cabinets had developed a greasy buildup that no washing or scrubbing could fix. We found this product by accident and decided to try it with the steel wool application recommended. OMGosh, they look brand new, as if they’d been refinished. Clean, even color with no dull spots! We did this last year and they still look gorgeous. This product delivers!!

Wood Rejuvenator

Brenda on 3rd Dec 2018

I loved the way it made my cherry cabinets look like new!

Victorian House furniture cleaner/restorer

14th May 2018

I had tried multiple products to cleanse years of dirt/gease build up on our kitchen cabinets. Not only did this product remove the grime but it also did a great job of covering water / steam damage The Victorian House Reply--Thank you for your great review. Doris Miller

Finish Rejuvenator

W Nelson on 19th Feb 2018

I'm a professional painter and I've used this product for years. My clients can't believe how great their cabinets look after using the Rejuvenator. They believe I'm a miracle worker and are ecstatic over the final results. From DJ- The Victorian House Products Thank You so much for the review..

Finish Rejuvenator

Rosie Peterson on 13th Nov 2017

Rosie Peterson We tried it on our cabinets and they look beautiful again! I’d washed them but they looked worse afterwards. Then I tried Victorian House and applied it with steel wool as suggested. All the discoloration evened out and they look almost new!! LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 3 · November 4 at 3:28pm

Finish rejuvenator

AnneMarie McCallig on 20th Jan 2017

Brilliant! Excellent product, cleaned all the gunk of my kitchen cabinets. Worth all the elbow grease required Thank you so much for your review..it means a lot to me and my company. Doris

Kitchen cabinet cleaner and restorer

Larry Cargal on 12th Dec 2016

Product worked well and at the end of the day my arm was tired. but the results were good. The overall cost was way too much when you add the shipping and handeling. I liked the product but $42.00 was too much Thanks for the review. I agree the shipping is high but the product alone is only 24.95 and that one bottle does so much area that it is well worth the price. You can be assured we don't make anything off your shipping. You will love the fact that you won't have to do the project over and over again as with a dusting oil. Doris Miller